Wisconsin Video Conferencing

Bringing videoconference and mobile videoconference solutions to meet your mobile deposition’s needs!

vidconfIf travel is not an attractive option, call us to coordinate a videoconference deposition between one of our video conference sites, in Milwaukee or Madison, and anywhere in the world. Save the time and cost of travel! We understand that a busy schedule does not always allow you to be in two places at once so we have expanded our mobile deposition services to include mobile videoconferencing to help fill that gap. With mobile videoconferencing, any party can access the videoconference using a laptop or mobile device while on the road or from their own office or home. (If you prefer, you may schedule by filling out and submitting our online videoconference reservation form. We will confirm via phone call within one business day.)

Mobile Videoconferencing Features:

  • Live access to depositions, trials, hearings, jury research, meetings, and more.
  • Automatic firewall traversal.
  • Audio-priority and freeze-resistance that can handle unexpected network congestion without dropping the call or losing audio.
  • Requires no videoconference equipment (other than a laptop or mobile device).
  • Bridging technology with traditional videoconference units (such as Polycom and Tandberg); traditional telephones, speakerphones and cellular devices; iPads and other tablet devices.
  • Ability to connect up multiple sites across various devices.

We offer a multi-site bridging service that allows you to connect as many locations to your videoconference call as needed. Connect experts and members of your litigation team without the hassle and costs of travel.

Our Polycom videoconference equipment gives our clients the ability to show materials using the document camera (ELMO), share the contents of a computer screen such as a PowerPoint presentation, or play a video to the other sides connected to the call.

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