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    Reservation Fee: N/C
    Room Rental Rate: $185 per hour
    ISDN Tel. Fees: 80$ per hour if in U.S.

  • Terms and Conditions

  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1. Reservation of rented room will not be held until signed reservation form is received. 2. Reservation fees may be applicable at some rented locations. If applicable, reservation fee payment must accompany signed reservation form. 3. Room rentals and ISDN long distance fees are based on hourly fees, minimum one hour and billed in half-hour increments thereafter. 4. Room rental may not be reduced by unused time and additional use beyond the scheduled time may be restricted. 5. Cancellation fees: One hour of room rental will be assessed if cancelled within 24 hours of conference. If you would like to cancel a Videoconference via email, we will confirm receipt of the email cancellation request within 1 hour during normal business hours. Please contact Gramann Reporting by telephone if you do not receive a response or you will be held responsible for cancellation fees. 6. Your credit card will be charged at the conclusion of the videoconference, unless other arrangements have been made. 7. The scheduling party is responsible for all fees incurred on behalf of Gramann Reporting in instances where Gramann Reporting schedules additional sites or services for the below signed. This includes agreement to the cancellation policies of all videoconferencing sites scheduled on your behalf. 8. Gramann Reporting, Ltd. and its affiliated rental sites are not responsible for delays, postponements, failure of video conferencing technology or cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances and in no way are liable for any loss of use, lost profits, consequential or any other damages. In no event shall any liability exceed the amount of the room rental fee.