Whether you are here in Milwaukee, Madison, or anywhere in the country, our Certified Realtime Reporters deliver the highest quality real time feed and instant transcripts right to your computer during the deposition. Connect to the real time transcript feed onsite using any of the available realtime client software programs (Bridge, CaseViewNet and LiveNote) via standard cabling, LAN, or try our easy-to-use Bluetooth wireless connection.

We are happreatimecrtrepy to provide you with a notebook or netbook computer should the need arise, and our reporters are always happy to assist with your realtime connection, regardless of the software or hardware involved. For more information regarding realtime text streaming over the internet, click here to learn about internet depositions.

With real time reporting, an attorney connected to the realtime court reporter can search the transcript, mark/highlight testimony, assign issue codes to the transcript for later review, and generate an instant report at any time throughout the deposition that contains your annotations attached to the transcript segments of interest.

Reports can be instantly sent to members of your team through email. If you cannot attend the deposition, but would like the realtime feed streamed securely to you wherever you may be, these features are still available as the realtime feed can be directed over the internet into your realtime client software (LiveNote, CaseViewNet, and Summation) , or via your iOS, Android, or PC devices to wirelessly view the realtime feed from anywhere.


View a video demonstration of a realtime transcript feed being received by an attorney’s computer.

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As the realtime feed is received by the attorney’s computer, the dynamic index continuously builds allowing instant access to specific testimony with just one click.

Click on a hyperlink to jump to that instance of the word within the transcript. A preview shows you exactly where the word appears within the transcript.

Easily annotate the realtime transcript while at the deposition. Assign issue codes, make notes, quick marks, all from your own computer. At the end of the deposition, take a rough version of the transcript with you that include all of your annotations. Want to mark a line of testimony? Tap the space bar!

Search the realtime transcript to quickly find the information you need. Full-text search makes research and trial preparation simple.

The ability to generate reports instantly can be a powerful tool for questioning. The segments of testimony attached to your annotations are included in the report.

Your annotations appear instantly on the screen as the deposition takes place.