Deposition Services & Mobile Devices – Court Reporting Gone Mobile

Over the last few months, we have been working hard to integrate our deposition services with your mobile devices. We now have an app supported by Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, as well as Android phones, that provides direct access to your Case Repository and Online Client Center.

We are also proud to announce the ability to stream live realtime to Apple’s iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Contact us to schedule your next realtime deposition and view the live feed right on your mobile device!

Realtime Court Reporting to iPad, iPhone, & iPod touch

It is no longer required that you use a computer to view the live transcript feed from a realtime court reporter. Gramann now provides attorneys with the option to receive realtime using their mobile device while they are sitting at the deposition (App is currently supported on Apple’s iPad, iPhone, & iPod touch). The realtime app allows users to mark lines or important testimony, jump to marks created throughout the deposition, pause/follow the realtime feed, and create notes that are affixed to the relevant lines of the realtime transcript. Export the saved file including annotations to your computer for review and case preparation purposes.

Gramann’s Online Office App – GRL Mobile

We have tried to make life as easy as possible by providing our clients with an app for iOS and Android allowing instant access to Online Client Center and case files in our Online Case Repository. The app is free of charge to our clients and can be located by searching “Gramann” in the Apple App Store and Android Market. If you need assistance obtaining a user name and password, click register or contact a member of our administrative support team who will be more than happy to assist you.

GRL Mobile provides attorneys and staff the ability to:

  • Check your deposition/trial schedule.
  • Search your case files by case name or number and other search criteria.
  • Search through your available transcripts in this exclusive repository area using search criteria.
  • Look up outstanding and paid invoices.
  • Ask questions and track the resolution of your issues.
  • Update your contact information.

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