Court Reporting Transcript File Formats

IMPORTANT: HIPAA regulations require that all PHI sent via the internet be encrypted. Standard unencrypted email is no longer an acceptable means of transporting transcripts and exhibits that may contain PHI or other confidential information. We are happy to provide all the below files via our secure repository or, at your request, a secure cloud link.

Transcript File Formats supported/created by our
production staff include:

  • ASCII – Page image. Use these files to load into your litigation support programs (such as AMICUS, Summation, LiveNote, TextMap) or word processor.
  • PDF transcripts with exhibits (bookmarked or hyperlinked). As with all PDF files, these transcript files will open with Adobe Reader or any PDF viewing program. With bookmarked exhibits, the exhibit files are listed in a window to the left side of the transcript and fully viewable and printable upon clicking. With hyperlinked exhibits, the exhibit numbers appear as hyperlinks within the body of the transcript, and the exhibit file opens when clicking the hyperlink. The perfect way to send a transcript and exhibits to your expert or client for review!
  • PDF transcripts without exhibits – Sometimes you simply need the transcript only in a PDF version without the exhibits weighing down your PDF filesize. This is standardly produced by our staff and along with all the other files listed is available for download from our repository.
  • Word processing – Word, WordPerfect. Use these files to load into your word processor without losing pagination and line number formatting.
  • E-Transcript – Viewable with E-Binder and E-Transcript viewer only.

We can provide exhibit linking for most litigation
support programs.

Exhibit-linking provides instant access to case documents. Click to retrieve the exhibit linked to a specific line of testimony.


  • LexisNexis TextMap Evidence File (CaseMap) – .xmef
  • DepoView – complimentary viewer provided with exhibit linking or video synching.
  • TrialDirector Case file – .cms
  • AMICUS Transcript – .ami; .trn
  • LiveNote – .ptf
  • Summation Briefcase Format File – .sbf
  • LiveNote Evidence Format – .lef
  • RealLegal E-Transcript – .ptx