Make Gramann Reporting & Videoconferencing your one-stop shop for all deposition services. We pride ourselves on providing the latest technology in Court Reporting and Legal Video services available.

Nationwide Court Reporting – Legal Deposition Services

As a Milwaukee and Madison based court reporting firm in Wisconsin, we provide Nationwide Coverage of services that are designed to help attorneys cut the costs involved in a case, minimize the time required to review evidence and testimony, and prevent lost time spent out of the office.

ligsupportIt is no longer necessary to travel by plane in order to participate in a case. Internet Deposition Streaming, Videoconferencing, and Internet Realtime bring the deposition to you or members of your legal team wherever that may be. Be at your home in Wisconsin while watching a deposition taking place in New York from your computer. Need to participate? Call into the room via phone. We can provide a virtual conference room for remote attorneys, witnesses, and experts involved in the case. We can also arrange for a videoconference site nearest you and connect as many remote sites to the call as needed using our bridging service.

Realtime Court Reporters

Maximize your efficiency and decrease time and headache while researching or building your case. With all of your case documents available through our Online Client Center, you can securely access transcripts and exhibits anytime, anywhere the internet is available. Having a Realtime Court Reporter gives you the ability to receive the transcript live on your computer so that you can annotate and mark the testimony of interest throughout the deposition. When it comes time for you to question the witness, simply create an instant report from the realtime client software that includes your annotations along with the testimony segments you marked.

Video-Text Deposition Tools

Need to review hours, days of video depositions? Video-Text Synchronization is a powerful tool for deposition review and trial presentation. Have the transcript synched to the video and reduce the time it takes you to find key parts of the deposition. Simply click on a line of the synched transcript and the video will begin to play at any desired location. Create clips of specific Q&A’s for colleagues, or experts, to review or to present in front of a jury. With internet depositions and streamed videoconference calls available on demand, those involved in a case can view a deposition missed due to schedule conflicts when it is convenient.

Please take some time to explore the variety of litigation services we have to offer and allow us to help you implement them into your case!