Achieve Full Account Access Online – anytime!
Our online office is available 24/7

Our web access allows for checking of an attorney’s court reporter scheduling, invoice history, and transcript and exhibit downloading from our secure online repository at any time, at your convenience. Consider it your deposition virtual data room. Please call for your username and password or click register at top.

Scheduling can be accomplished via our schedule link above or by logging in securely to our website and entering your deposition directly into our management software. If you choose none of the above, we always look forward to receiving your call! Please call for your username and password or click the register button above.

Permanent Transcript Archival

In addition to being stored online, all transcripts and exhibits are archived at a secure off-site location.

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Gramann Reporting’s 24/7 Online Client Center gives you full access to your deposition or case calendar, transcripts and exhibits, and invoices when you need them.




clientcenter03The online calendar provides integration with your computer’s calendar client and can provide directions to the deposition location with just one click.





clientcenter04We know you have a busy schedule. Allow our online client center to keep track of your deposition or case calendar.





clientcenter06Transcripts and exhibits are available whenever you need them from our online client center. Your case documents are securely retained in our case repository so that you can access them from anywhere at any time.





“Transcript Packages” Use Transcript Packages as your personal case workspace. locate passages within transcripts, annotate passages, and create reports of same to share with your team. Consider this your entry-level litigation support online access, all at no charge.








Access your invoices and account history through our online client center.


“Repository text search” use repository full text search to locate keywords within transcripts and exhibits throughout a single deposition or an entire case.