Gramann Reporting Offers TranscriptPad File Formats

Gramann Reporting prides itself on offering clients the latest in court reporting technology. We’re excited to announce we now offer compatible transcript files for use in TranscriptPad for your paperless transcript review.

Nearly 25 million iPads were sold in 2011 and attorneys are embracing this technology.  Today, iPads can be found in law offices and courthouses across the country.  Many attorneys take them to depositions to receive a realtime stream from their court reporter.  The latest technology is a new app, TranscriptPad, which allows an attorney to read and review transcripts anytime, anywhere – all on your iPad in just a few taps.  TranscriptPad works on the original iPad and iPad 2 and is available in the app store.

TranscriptPad is a very different tool that is laser focused on the paperless transcript reading and review needs of an attorney or expert witness. TranscriptPad uses the raw data in transcript files to link color-coded designations based on specific page/line information, assign issue codes, and then create reports that can be emailed or printed.   It also has the ability to search for references quickly across a case, a witness, or a deposition.


Files can be imported into TranscriptPad using the following methods:

  1. You can link to your Dropbox account from within TranscriptPad and import files and folders (keeping the file and folder structure intact) by pressing the Dropbox icon at the bottom of the screen in Cases view.
  2. Files can be imported one at a time from an email received on your iPad.  Simply press and hold on the file attached to the email, select “Open In…” and choose TranscriptPad.
  3. Files can also be imported into TranscriptPad using the File Sharing option under the Apps tab in iTunes when you connect your iPad to your computer.

Also, because TranscriptPad was developed specifically for the purpose of paperless transcript review, it has features that are not included in general apps:

  • TranscriptPad has hands free reading (that automatically scrolls the transcript text) with adjustable speed.
  • The ability to search across all transcripts in an entire case.
  • The ability to create and assign custom issue codes on the fly.
  • Highlighting a line or paragraph is as simple as 2 taps as opposed to holding your finger on a word and dragging to expand the selection bars.
  • After making a selection you can easily email or flag the selection, or assign one or many issue codes.
  • Create reports covering all issue codes, or just a select few.
  • Annotate flagged sections with your own notes.

When scheduling your next court reporter with Gramann Reporting, mention that you would like a transcript file type that works with TranscriptPad, or simply tell the court reporter at your next deposition.  Gramann Reporting will email you a compatible version of the transcript for quick loading into your app.  In addition, we can reformat your past transcripts to be compatible with TranscriptPad.

Gramann Reporting’s court reporters also have the ability to enable you to receive a realtime stream directly to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.  For more information, click here.


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