Deposition Streaming Services

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Prior to any deposition streaming event, we recommend
testing your system at Remote Counsel’s test page.

View the realtime text of the out-of-town deposition remotely on your computer in your home office, while on the road, or sitting at your desk. Allow our Certified Realtime court Reporters to transmit your proceedings to an internet deposition streaming broadcast service where you log in remotely. We’ve expanded our realtime streaming capabilities to allow all realtime client software (Summation, Bridge, Transcript Manager Pro, CaseViewNet, and LiveNote) to receive our realtime feed over the internet through our universal serial feed. LiveNote Stream Manager can be used upon request.

depstreaming 275x181 Deposition Streaming ServicesWith a certified legal videographer present at the deposition or with a videoconference, we can stream the audio and video to give you the option of virtually attending from anywhere you can get onto the internet. The realtime text and/or audio is streamed to a secure server through an encoder that provides attorneys and experts login credentials to view the remote deposition from any location with internet access. If you wish to participate, simply call into the room. Now, with Gramann Reporting’s live internet text and video streaming, you can still be there, without being there. Eliminate scheduling conflicts, missed depositions and travel hassles for your entire legal team with the ease of internet access to mobile depositions. Turn on your computer. Open your browser. Login securely. And you are at the video deposition. No special software is required, just a computer with an internet connection… and you’re there.

The built-in chat feature allows you and your team to communicate via private instant message or group chat giving all viewers a virtual meeting place.

Find out how Internet Deposition Streaming can virtually bring any deposition where and when you need it.

View an Internet Deposition Streaming demonstration.

System Requirements Video:

• Windows Media Player: Version 9.0 or later.

• Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later, Google Chrome 4.0 or later, Safari 5.0 or later.

• High-speed Internet connection


• Java version 1.5.2 or later.

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remotecounsel01 200x150 Deposition Streaming Services

Internet viewing of a streamed deposition provides full access to the live video and realtime text. Attorneys and experts can watch the deposition from any location with internet access.

remotecounsel06 200x150 Deposition Streaming Services

Group chat and private instant messaging give all viewers of an internet deposition a virtual meeting place to collaborate as a team.