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Gramann Reporting. Setting the Standard.

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Setting the standard for court reporting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and nationwide.

Welcome to Gramann Reporting. At Gramann the way we conduct business is as important as the results we produce. Make no mistake: the quality, accuracy and speed of our work is our primary concern at your deposition. But it’s our cutting-edge technologies, such as realtime court reporting and legal video, audio and text realtime streaming, as well as our problem solving (like court reporters that can facilitate internet deposition streaming or on-site wireless realtime), that makes us stand out in Wisconsin court reporting. That, and the relationships we’ve fostered with our national clients as well as those here in Milwaukee, makes all the difference.

The Gramann Reporting team of professionals is dedicated to superior reporting, state-of-the-art legal technology, and outstanding litigation support services.

We’ve found that we can best produce the results clients want and need by forming partnerships within the legal community. This is why since 1982 we’ve become one of Wisconsin’s largest court reporting firms, and a leading source of Wisconsin court reporters in Milwaukee and Madison.

Please take a look around and read more to find out why the way we do business sets us apart as Wisconsin’s Best Court Reporter and provider of deposition services.

National Court Reporter Services: Anytime, Anywhere.

Gramann not only provides Wisconsin court reporting and videoconferencing services in Milwaukee and Madison, but as a member of the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC), we also provide national court reporter services, legal video services, and video conferencing whenever and wherever you need it. Make us your one-stop shop for all of your deposition and legal service needs.

Gramann Reporting. Setting the Standard.

COURT REPORTING WHERE YOU NEED IT, WHEN YOU NEED IT. Since its founding in 1982, Gramann Reporting, Ltd. has grown to be the largest and most respected court reporting firm in Wisconsin. Not only one of the oldest Milwaukee court reporter firms, we are also one of the most technologically adept. Tap into our wireless realtime, online scheduling and repository services; transcript, exhibit, and video bundling in Summation™, DepoView™, TextMap™, YesVideo™, and LiveNote™ or access our Milwaukee and Madison videoconference facilities. Take advantage of PDF transcripts with bookmarked or hyperlinked exhibits or have your video deposition synchronized with text. You can also have your exhibits sequentially numbered and collectively viewed in our Master Exhibit Library. View, download and print all transcripts, exhibits and invoices from the repository. Using these and other cutting-edge technologies, with emphasis on quality and quick transcript production by Registered Professional Reporters, has allowed our success to continue.

Add our nationwide coverage via the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC), and Gramann Reporting, Ltd. brings the complete court reporting package.

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